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Monterey County's Consolidated Emergency Fire Dispatch Center is staffed by fulltime dispatchers and supplemented by professional fire-fighters.  We provide emergency fire and medical dispatch service for the entire county; dispatching for 17 agencies (21 fire-districts), one paramedic ambulance provider, and coordinating dispatch services for 16 other agencies.

Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade Big Sur, CA.

Carmel Fire Department Carmel, CA.

Carmel Valley Fire Department Carmel Valley, CA.

Gonzales Volunteer Fire Department Gonzales, CA.

Greenfield Fire Department Greenfield, CA.

King City Fire Department King City, CA.

Marina Fire Department Marina, CA.

Monterey County Regional Fire District  Salinas, CA.

Monterey  Fire Department Monterey & Pacific Grove, CA

North County Fire Department Castroville, CA.

Salinas Fire Department Salinas, CA.

Seaside Fire Department Seaside, CA.

Soledad Fire Department Soledad, CA.

Spreckels Fire Company Spreckels, CA.

California Fire



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