The Teddy Bear Program was originally established to provide bears to Patrol Deputies to be used throughout the year to give to children in need that they encountered when responding to calls. 

Often times, children were present in homes where domestic violence or other  traumatic incidents had occurred that would be scary to a child. The teddy bears gave the children something warm and cuddly to hang on to and thus calm their fears a bit.

Through the years, in addition to the patrol deputies, the  Detective Division has also utilized teddy bears when  interviewing young victims of sexual/physical assault and domestic violence.


They are also provided to the Detectives in the Coroner’s Office to use when making a death notification in homes where children are present.

During the holidays, bears are also given out to many  agencies the Sheriff’s Office works hand in hand with. These agencies deal with children who are victims of various types of violence. The bears are then given out at their special holiday events to children who may not otherwise receive a gift for the holidays.