Advisory Council

Role of the AAA Advisory Council

The Older Americans Act of 1965 states that every Area Agency on Aging must “establish an advisory council consisting of older individuals (including minority individuals and older individuals residing in rural areas) who are participants or who are eligible to participate in programs assisted under this Act, representative of older individuals, local elected officials, and the general public, to advise continuously the area agency on aging on all matters related to the development of the area plan, the administration of the plan and operations conducted under the plan.”

Council Composition

Monterey County AAA Advisory consists of 15 total members. Each member of the Board of Supervisors (5) appoints one member from their District to serve for a three-year term. The Council recommends ten (10) Community-at-Large Representatives to the Board of Supervisors for appointment. Council members are selected from the categories below:

Attributes of Council Members

Ideal candidates are over the age of 60, live or work in our rural areas of North and South County, Salinas and the Monterey Peninsula. They understand the cultural and social complexities of the County and the diversity of issues facing the “Greatest Generation” and the younger and older “Baby Boomers”. Council Members must work well as a team with the AAA staff to carry out our Mission and have the commitment, energy and time to volunteer for the Council.

Time Commitment

The term for members is a three year appointment. Members must stay informed and review information sent by AAA staff, attend Council Meetings and participate in at least one committee.

Council Shared Publications

2016-08 Health in Housing Presentation

2016-09 Homeless Women on the Monterey Peninsula Key Findings 2016

2016-08 Housing and Health Care Report

Informational Links

Click Here To Apply To Join The Council

Click Here For the Council Roster

Click Here For the 2017 Council Meeting Schedule

Click Here For Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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