Welcome to the County Administrative Office

The County Administrative Officer (CAO) is appointed by the Board of Supervisors to oversee the administration of county government and implement decisions made by that Board.

Dr. Lew Bauman has served as County Administrative Officer of Monterey County since January 2005. The CAO is the day-to-day manager of county government and represents the County and its Board of Supervisors in a variety of activities. The Administrative Office oversees the preparation, adoption, and administration of the County’s $1 billion budget and coordinates the activities of other county departments to ensure the effective accomplishment of the Board's directions and policies.

County organizational chart

The CAO's Office includes: Monterey County Government Center

The County Administrative Office is located at the Monterey County Government Center. Our mailing address is:

168 West Alisal Street,3rd Floor
Salinas, CA 93901

County Administrative Office Contacts:

General Information, Front Desk 755-5115
Maia Carroll, Communications/Outreach 796-3092
Lew Bauman, County Administrative Officer 755-5113
Mary Zurita, Executive Assistant 755-5113
Dewayne Woods, Assistant County Administrative Officer 755-5309
Ebby Johnson, Administrative Secretary - Confidential 759-6769
Mike Derr, Contracts and Purchasing Officer 755-4992
Nick Chiulos, Assistant County Administrative Officer 755-5145
Karina Torres, Administrative Secretary – Confidential 755-5383
Sherrie Collins, Office of Emergency Services Manager 796-1900
Manny González, Assistant County Administrative Officer 796-3593
Maegan Ruiz-Ignacio, Administrative Secretary – Confidential 755-5820
Rosemary Soto, Gang Violence Prevention Coordinator 755-5840

If you are looking for more information or for a specific county service, check our county services directory at