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Steps to Register - In order to do business with the County, individuals and organizations are required to self register. Below are the steps necessary to do so. Steps 1-3 are required by all vendors:

  1. Complete the  Vendor Data Record and submit to County (see where/how to submit below)
  2. Non-California Residents must submit either a CA Form 590 or a waiver letter from the State of CA or they will be subject to the 7% withholding law (more info at bottom of page) and submit to County (see where/how to submit below)
  3. Write down the relevant commodity code(s) for your goods or services. You will need to enter these codes during registration. The codes must be codes from the NIGP Commodity Code Guide for Monterey County (.xls format) NOTE: We do NOT suggest printing this document as there are over 1200 Commodity Codes listed.
  4. If you are providing services then it is likely you will be required to provide insurance documents per the written agreement. You may reference our Insurance Requirements for additional clarification and samples of required endorsements
  5. Go to the County's online Vendor Self Service (VSS) to register
Are you a CERTIFIED GREEN BUSINESS? If not, we encourage you to become Green Certified through your own local authorities or within the Tri-County areas (Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties) through the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program. FYI: Green Certification may be used as one of the selection factors when awarding contracts from solicitations issued by the County. Details are contained within each individual solicitation so please visit our Solicitations web page
Where/How to Submit Required Forms: Non-California Resident Withholdings:
Vendors are required to submit forms as listed in the resgistration steps above AND also required to self register in the County's online Vendor Self Service (VSS). All forms should be submitted to the County via Facsimile, email, or postal mail.

Fax: (831) 755-4969


Mailing Address: County of Monterey, Contracts/Purchasing
168 W. Alisal St., 3rd Floor
Salinas, CA 93901

More About VSS:

VSS provides Vendors like your self with the following features and capabilities:

  • Use of a single entry point to register and maintain your own vendor information utilizing a web portal
  • Capability of registering your own business for the specific types of services and/or goods that your organization provides
  • Enroll in an optional Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) program for payments

PLEASE NOTE that only the vendor registration modules are active in VSS at this time.

Payments made to California nonresidents, including corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships that do not have a permanent place of business in the state of California are subject to seven percent (7%) state income tax withholding (California Revenue and Taxation Code Section 18662). 

Types of income subject to withholding include, but are not limited to, payments for services performed in California and payments of leases, rents and royalties for property (real or personal) located in California.  No withholding is required on payments for goods. 

This California withholding law may not apply to you, and in that case, we are required to keep on file a Franchise Tax Board form 590 that demonstrates your exemption.  Alternatively, you may be eligible for a reduced withholding or a waiver altogether.  In order to qualify, please read and follow the instructions as outlined below:

Withholding Exemptions:

This law does not apply to you if you are a,

  • California resident;
  • Corporations, Partnerships, LLC’s qualified with the Secretary of State to do business in California or that have a permanent place of business in California;
  • Estates where the deceased was a California resident at the time of death;
  • Tax-exempt organizations;
  • Insurance Companies, IRA’s, Qualified Pension and Profit Sharing Plans; or
  • California non-grantor trusts

Contact Information:
Contracts/Purchasing Officer Mike Derr

(831) 755-4992 phone
(831) 755-4969 fax

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