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Legislative Reference
:  Created by Board of Supervisors Order dated June 10, 1986

Membership:  Committee consists of a member and alternate from each of the following:

  • 3 police agencies (1 each: Salinas, Monterey Peninsula, South Monterey County
  • District Attorney
  • Monterey County Medical Society
  • Sheriff
  • Child Protective Services
  • South County SCANS Team
  • Natividad Medical Center
  • Monterey County Health Department
  • County Office of Education
  • Military
  • Superior Court Judge
  • Municipal Court Judge
  • Social Services Commission
  • Clergy
  • Monterey County Child Care Council
  • Family Resource Center
  • 2 Citizens at Large
  • County Counsel

 Qualifications & Functions:  The Council is directed to coordinate prevention, treatment, education and awareness efforts in Monterey County.  The Council reports to the Board of Supervisors, through the Social Services Department.

 Appointing Process:  Identified agencies to nominate member and alternate.  Two Citizen-at-Large positions to be advertised countywide and recommended to the Board by the Social Services Department.

Meeting Date, Time & Place Meets quarterly at 3:30 P.M. 1000 So. Main St., Best Friends Room Ste. 112B, Salinas, CA Contact Staff for additional information.

 Staff Contact:  David Maradei, Dept. of Social Services:  755-4737. Email:


 **Members below are elected from associations and recommended to the Board** 



Detective Sergeant Matt Luther Monterey County Sheriff's Department

Steve Bernal

County Sheriff

Dean Flippo

District Attorney

Jeannine Pacioni

District Attorneyís Office

Tom Berg

County Health Department

Marni Sandoval

County Health Department

Emily Nicholl

Department of Social Services

Lori Medina

Department of Social Services

Annette M. Cutino

County Counselís Office

Juan Rodriguez

County Counselís Office

Judy Pennycook

County Office of Education

Ron Panziera

County Office of Education

Sister Pataricia Murtagh Clergy
Leticia Flores-McPherson Clergy

Dr. Valerie Barnes

Natividad Medical Center

Marcia Parsons

Probation Department 

Todd Keating

Probation Department

Joe Whitford Probation Department

Clare Mounteer

Child Abuse Agency Network
Monterey Rape Crisis

Jason H. Ledford Military Family Advocacy Program

 Marie Kassing  


 Jack Harpster


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