Building Inspections

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A county building inspector will conduct one or more inspections of a project during construction. Picture of Construction of HouseWhen all phases of construction are approved and all agencies (i.e. Fire, Health, Planning) have given their final approval, the Building Inspection Department will "final" the permit.

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Typical Sequence of Building Inspections for a New Structure
1. Foundation
Following rough grading and placement of concrete forms, reinforcing steel, and all structural hardware, but prior to pouring concrete. Property line must be established by a licensed surveyor so setbacks can be verified.

2. Under Floor Framing - Raised Floor
When all girders, joist, plumbing, mechanical components have been installed.

3. Floor
Insulation & under floor to be inspected prior to installing sub-floor, plywood.

4. Roof Sheathing & Shear Inspection
When all nailing and shear transfers have been completed.

5. Framing Inspection
The building must be weather protected (windows, doors must be installed) when all rough electrical, plumbing & mechanical systems have been installed. Fire sprinklers are inspected by the Fire Dept.

6. Insulation Inspection
When all of the above items have been approved and before wall coverings are installed.

7. Sheetrock/Exterior Lath
After all sheet rock has been installed, exterior lath and all corner aid and weep screed have been installed.

8. Scratch Coat
After sheet rock has been installed and the scratch coat has cured for 48 hours minimum.

9. Shower/Tub Lath

10. Final
To be scheduled when the structure is ready for occupancy.

Note: Other departments/agencies must give their final approval before the building inspector can "final" the structure. Examples of these agencies include the Planning Department, Health Department, Fire Department.

Further information may be obtained by speaking with a Permits Center representative or by contacting a Building Inspector at (831) 755-5027