Code Enforcement Definitions

Building Permit - A document obtained from the local government, allowing for the construction of a structure in accordance with the terms of the permit. A permit is required when a building, structure, or any system thereof is erected, constructed, modified, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, improved, remodeled, converted, or demolished.

Building Record - a description of the property, any building permits that were recorded, how many bedrooms, bathrooms, additions, or any additional structures on the property, and the dates of when the structures, additions or building permits were last assessed.

Citation - an official summons calling one to appear in court. This administrative tool is used when a property owner fails to voluntarily abate the violation.

Complaint - verbal or written communication from the public or staff regarding a potential violation.

Confidentiality - all complaints are considered confidential information and are not subject to disclosure per the Public Records Act.

Grading Permit - is an official document which authorizes specificgradingactivity on private or public property. Grading includes initial clearing, brushing or grubbing, subsequent excavating or filling, stockpiling, terracing, road building, leveling and bulldozing on any property.

Planning Permit - is a legal document giving permission to develop or use a piece of land for a specific purpose. A permit may also contain written conditions and endorsed plans showing the proposed development or use of land

Policy - a principle or prescribed course of action which guides decision making and establishes standards of employee conduct and department business.

Procedure - an established series of actions that pertain to the effective implementation of a specific policy.

Revision - any alteration in content or procedure to an existing Planning and Building Inspection Department policy.

Stop Work Notice - a notice given to a contractor or property owner notifying them that on going work is being done without permits.