Code Enforcement Division

How to File a Complaint

Complaints will be taken verbally over the phone, via fax, E-mail, or in writing by the Salinas Call Center.

Complaint forms (to report suspected code violations) will be available in the office and on the public website.

  1. Identify the specific complaint or nuisance.
  2. Give your name, address, and telephone number. (This information is kept confidential).
  3. Give the Assessor's Parcel Number (APN), street name, and house number. If APN is unknown, give address.
  4. Give specific description of complaint.

Our goal is to obtain voluntary compliance from citizens whenever possible. Generally, the enforcement of codes occurs on both a reactive (complaint from a community source) and a proactive (initiated by the inspector) basis. There are however, a number of violations that are only enforced after a complaint is received.

Our goal is to encourage both owners and tenants to voluntarily eliminate any violations that may exist so that Monterey County remains a county we can be proud to live in. When a code violation is reported, we open a complaint and work towards resolving the violation through a process of education, inspection, and notices. Continued violations are followed by progressive enforcement. Each code has its own set of enforcement procedures; however the process generally follows this sequence:

  1. Complaint received or violation observed by an inspector.
  2. Inspection conducted.
  3. Notice sent to violator allowing time for corrections.
    Reinspection conducted.
  4. Additional time granted to allow for correction if warranted.
  5. Administraive Hearing process started if violation not corrected.
  6. Criminal prosecution filed if not corrected.  Abatement (violation removed by County contractor) and lien.