Grading Inspection Division

Mission Statement
The Grading Inspection Division, under the umbrella of Planning and Building Inspection Department, administers building, health and safety standards by providing public information, efficient grading plan checks, inspection and code enforcement of grading construction projects throughout the unincorporated communities of Monterey County.

In its commitment to excellence in public safety and community growth, the Grading Inspection Division strives to provide an efficient and responsive environment by providing consistent, organized, and courteous service to our citizens.

Function of Development and Inspection Services
The function of the Grading Inspection Division is to protect the public by providing efficient project review and inspection of residential and commercial development projects in the unincorporated communities of Monterey County. The division reviews site grading, erosion, drainage, and improvement plans; checks engineering calculations; reviews soils and geology reports; issues grading permits; inspects projects for compliance with local and state laws; enforces the County's Ordinances of Grading and Erosion Control Plan; responds to citizen complaints; and processes grading code violations.