Preparing A Site Plan

What is a Site Plan?
A Site Plan is a drawing depicting the site of a proposed or existing project. Some of the key elements of a Site Plan are property boundaries, land topography, vegetation, proposed and/or existing structures, easements, wells, and roadways. 

Why is a Site Plan Needed?
A site plan is required
for most, permit applications, pre-application meetings, and submittals.  It provides a visual image of your proposal and is used to assist in determining if your project conforms to land use policies and regulations.

A Site Plan submitted as part of a permit application needs to show all of the items listed below.  However, a simple sketch is O.K. for beginning discussion.
What Elements are required in a Site Plan?
View a sample Site Plan (pdf file)

Map Information:

  • Location Map (insert, if needed)
  • Property lines (show entire property and dimension)
  • Existing and proposed structures/projects
  • Distances between structures
  • Distances from proposed structures and additions to property line (setbacks)
  • 100-year floodplain, if applicable
  • Slopes (30% and greater, except in North County Coastal are 25% and greater)
  • Total Square Feet: existing and proposed for each floor
  • Floor Area Ratio after project
  • Finished floor elevations
  • Non-structural features such as pools, graded pads, fences
  • Location of septic tank(s), leachfields, wells, and underground storage tanks
  • Contour lines (existing and proposed; suggested interval 2' or 5')
  • Topographic features: streams, wetlands, cliffs
  • All trees: diameter, species, and whether to remain or be removed
  • Access features: roads, driveways, streets, parking areas
  • All easements: drainage, access, scenic, utility, etc.
  • Grading amount and location

Title Block Information :

  • Assessor's Parcel Number(s)
  • Name of the Project
  • Address of the project, if available
  • Owners' name, address, and phone
  • Plan preparer's name, address, and phone
  • Scale of the Site Plan, (e.g. 1" = 20')
  • North Arrow
  • Date of map, date of latest revision

Map information can be obtained from the County Offices listed below:

  • Water Resources Agency: floodplain and drainage information. 
    (831) 755-4860
  • Department of Public Works, Development Division: road design requirements, traffic, encroachment permits, subdivision design standards.  (831) 755-4800
  • Division of Environmental Health: septic tank/leach field design, well permits, water systems, hazardous materials, underground storage tanks. (831) 755-4507 / 647-7654
  • Recorder's Office: recorded tract maps, parcel maps, records of survey, deeds, recorded easements.
    (831) 755-5041
  • Assessor's Office: Assessor's Parcel Numbers, maps of parcels by Book, Page, and individual parcel number for tax and ownership data. (831) 755-5035
  • Fire Agencies: information on acceptable access; width, gates, clearance, hydrants. (consult telephone directory)
  • Planning Department: subdivision requirements, zoning requirements, setback and height limits, permit records, maps, plans. (831) 755-5025 Press 2 for Planning Department