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Board of Supervisors Supplemental/Addendum Information

The official agenda and any supplemental/addendum is on file in the Clerk of the Board�s office and will be posted outside the County Administration Building and can be accessed 24 hours per day. Material listed below is a courtesy copy of any available reports received and related to the supplemental/addendum agenda.


The supplemental Agenda can also be viewed at the following link:



Meeting Date


Supplemental/Addendum Material


March 16, 2010

Item S-8 Board Report

Item S-8 Board Order

Item 32.1 Board Report

Item 32.1 Board Order

March 23, 2010


April 6, 2010

(Corrected website link)

Item 43 Corrected Board Report

Item 43 Corrected Board Order

April 13, 2010


April 20, 2010

Item 20.1 Resolution designating the Week of April 18 - 24, 2010 as National Crime Victim's Rights Week in Monterey County


April 27, 2010

Item 11.1 Resolution Honoring the Life of Norm Braga

Item S-4  Consider Adoption of Resolution to Authorize the

              Issuance of Lay-off Notices to Impacted Employees

May 4, 2010


May 11, 2010

Item 24.2 Authorize Chair of the Board of Supervisors to sign a multi-county letter to Governor Schwarzenegger


Removed items S-2, S-3 and Consent Item 27 can be viewed at:


May 18, 2010

Item 9.1 Adopt Resolution honoring Lorri Koster for her service as Chair of the Board to the Grower-Shipper Association by the Grower-Shipper Association


May 25, 2010

Item 26 Material submitted

Item S-1 Board Report Request for Continuance

Item S-1 Proposed Board Order


June 7, 2010 Budget Hearings

Rescheduled to Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June 8, 2010


June 9, 2010 Budget Hearings


June 15, 2010

Item 10.1: Resolution honoring Grower-Shipper Association E.E. (Gene) Harden Award


Item S-1: Partial Service Retirement - Supplemental materialJune 15, 2010/06-15-10-CAO-HR-rpt-set 6-22-10 for Ord-partial serv retire-Misc & Safety members.pdf


Item S-2: Partial Service Retirement - Monterey County Water Resources Agency - Supplemental material


Item S-9: Link to material:


          June 22, 2010


 Meeting Cancelled and adjourned to June 29, 2010 at 8:00 A.M.

June 29, 2010

20.1 Reappoint Harry Gamotan to the Overall Economic Development Commission

20.2 Reappoint Dr. Bettye Saxon to the Overall Economic Development Commission

36.1 Increase Revenue and Appropriations from Probation Pre-Sentence Investigations and Supervisory Fees in the amount of $79,858 (4/5th vote required); and take related actions

July 13, 2010

16.1 Resolution in recognition of the Moss Landing Antique Street Fair


47. Revised Report: Adopt resolution approving reclassification of two Accounting Technicians (District Attorney)


50. Revised Report: Island Group Area Building Improvements , Board Order and bid documents

    50. Revised Bid Package

         Notice to Contractors

         Bid documents


51. Revised Report: Island Group Area Infrastructure Improvements Report, Board Order and bid documents

    51. Revised bid Package

         Notice to Contractors

         Bid documents


61.1 Approve and authorize letter of support for Salinas Valley Innovation Hub (iHub)


64.1 Approve submittal of grant application to US EPA under Climate Showcase Communities Grant Program


July 27, 2010

19.1  CTTC Commercial Shoot in Big Sur Resolution

19.2 Proclamation  OTB Skate Team

67.1 Sustainable Communities Planning Grant

       Board report


       Board Order

67.2 Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Programs

73. North-wing Emergency Contracts Resolution and appropriations request

        Board report

        Location Map


        Board Order


August 24, 2010

S-2 Request to continue Public Hearing for consideration of transfer of $83,000 in CDBG Program Income allocated for the San Lucas Water System Water Feasibility Study


August 31, 2010

 S-6 General Plan Update Document


33.1 Declaration of Emergency for Detention Facility Kitchen

       Location Map

       Board Order


September 14, 2010

S-2 Monterey County Strategic Initiatives and Key Objectives Matrix       

      Attachment B - Economic Development

      Attachment B - Administration

      Attachment B - Health & Human Services

      Attachment B - Resource Management

      Attachment B - Public Safety



September 21, 2010

S-3 a. General Plan 2010
     Board Report

19. Certificates of Participation
     Revised Board Resolution

September 28, 2010

S-6 Continued Public Hearing on General Plan Update

      Board Report

      Exhibit A Draft Water Policy Language

      Exhibit B Planning Commission Change Requests (no change)

      Exhibit C Board Change Requests (revised 9-21-2010)

      Exhibit D Draft Policy Language Changes


October 5, 2010

5.1 Resolution proclaiming October 2010 Disability Employment Awareness Month

S-3 Consider schedule for public hearing on draft 2010 Monterey County General Plan and EIR

Board Report

Exhibit A - Policy Changes

Exhibit B - Policy Changes

Board Order

October 12, 2010

S-1 Report on Strategic Initiatives and Key Objectives for Public Safety and Resource Management.

      Board Report

      Board Order

      Attachment A

      Attachment B - Economic Development

      Attachment B - Administration

      Attachment B - Health & Human Services

      Attachment B - Resource Management

      Attachment B - Public Safety

S-1.1  Transfer Agreement for the North Wing Court Facility

     Board Report

     Board Order

     Attachment A - Transfer agreement

     Attachment B - Amendment No. 1 to Transfer Agreement 

October 19, 2010

12.1 Designate Economic Development Committee as Standing Committee of the Board of Supervisors and appoint Supervisors Calcagno and Potter to the Committee

Board Report

Board Order


October 26, 2010

8.1 Adopt Resolution in recognition of the Retirement of Ray Torres


November 2, 2010

S-1 Public Hearing on the 2010 Mills Act Historic Property Contract applications

Board Report

Board Order


26.1 Status report on resolution to support Architectural Heritage Association fund-raising efforts

Board Report

Location Map

Board Order


November 9, 2010

19. Establish and appoint members to Board of Supervisors/Natividad 

     Medical Center Joint Leadership Standing Committee

     Board Report

     Board Order


31. Revised Amendment No. 1


36. Revised Title and Resolution

     Revised Resolution (strike-out)

     Revised Resolution (clean)


 Joint Board Leadership Meeting - Cancelled


November 30, 2010

S-6 Consider continuing the appeal of William McKiernan, of the August

      26, 2010 discretionary decision by the Zoning Administrator to

      approve the Combined Development Permit (PLN090364/Pelio) to a

      future hearing. (continued from November 9, 2010)

      Board Report

      Exhibit A

      Board Order


December 7, 2010

8.2 Reappoint Carl Hanson and Silvio Bernardi to the Northern Salinas

     Valley Mosquito Abatement District

     Carl Hanson

     Silvio Bernardi


8.3 Reappoint Salvador Vasquez to the Pajaro Valley Water Management


     Salvador Vasquez


14. Statement of Vote for November 2, 2010 Election


S-2. Authorize County Debt Manager to execute all documents to

       complete financing of the Next Generation Radio System Project

       (NGEN Project)

       Board Report

       Attachment 1-Project Activities

       Attachment 2-Financing Agreement

       Attachment 3-Signed MOU

       Assignment Agreement

       Acquisition Fund Control




       Board Order


S-6  Consider adoption of urgency ordinance amending California Building

       Standards Code

       Board Report

       Exhibit A

       Exhibit B

       Exhibit C

       Exhibit D

       Exhibit E



S-7  Consider adoption of interim ordinance as urgency measure to

       establish a General Plan consistency determination process for

       discretionary and

       ministerial permits

       Board Report

       Interim Ordinance (track changes)

       Interim Ordinance (Clean)


December 14, 2010

42.1 Introduce, waive reading and set hearing to consider ordinance amending Section 10.70.080 and repealing Section 10.70.120 of Monterey County Code relating to indoor smoking restrictions.

       Board Report

       Ordinance Smoking Pollution

       Board Order


55.1 Authorize the County Debt Manager to execute all documents necessary to complete financing of the Natividad Center Equipment Lease project (NMC Project); and take related actions.

       Board Report

       Lease Schedule


       Amortization 10 Lease

       Control Agreement

       Purchase Agreement


S-7 Revised Monterey County Community Wildfire Protection Plan






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