Our main Fleet Management Yard is located at:
855 E. Laurel Dr., Bldg. A
Salinas, CA 93905
(831) 755-4949
(831) 755-4944
(831) 755-8959
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Roadside Towing



About Us



Support Monterey County values by providing cost effective, innovative, quality customer service.


To be the service provider of choice, through the incorporation of creative, innovative and proactive solutions, with integrity, in a courteous and professional manner, with skilled employees, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and openness to new and better ways to do thing.


Quality workmanship, respect for co-workers and customers, trust, dependability, commitment to service.


  • Provide safe, serviceable, and competitively priced vehicles and equipment in a timely manner using cost-effective, efficient, and high quality services to County departments and agencies

  • Provide staff with ongoing training and product information of leading edge technologies
  • Maximize return on investment for vehicles and equipment sold at auction
  • Substitute products with environmentally friendly variants
  • Procure parts and services with best warranty coverage
  • Increase acquisition of alternative fueled vehicles and right size fleet
  • Replace vehicles at optimum life cycle point
  • Raise recycling awareness and use of recycled products
  • Modernize repair reference materials and resources