"The Operational Area Coordinating Council, otherwise known as the Monterey County Disaster Council serves as the advisory council to the Board Of Supervisors and convenes at the request of the Director Of Emergency Services (CAO) to consider and recommend emergency plans and agreements to improve disaster preparedness countywide as authorized by Monterey County Code 2.67et Seq."

The Council consists of the following standing council members:

  • The County Administrative Officer
  • The Deputy Emergency Services Director
  • The County Sheriff-Coroner
  • The County Health Officer
  • The County Director of Public Works
  • The County Director of Social Services
  • The District Engineer of the Monterey County Flood Control and Water Conservation District
  • The Chief Unit Ranger, San Benito-Monterey Ranger Unit, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
  • The officer in charge of the California Highway Patrol in Monterey County
  • A representative of the American Red Cross selected by the chapters thereof within Monterey County
  • The District Ranger, Monterey District of Los Padres National Forest, United States Forest Service

Additional representation from any other service, support, volunteer, veterans, business, industry, or assistance organization deemed appropriate by the Director. Such representative membership shall be determined on an annual basis by the Director (Ord. 3471, 1990, Ord. 2355 § 3, 1977).

The Monterey County Disaster Council is a standing committee subject to The Ralph M. Brown Act, located at California Government Code 54950 et seq., of the California State Legislature; Monterey County OES encourages the public to exercise their right to participate in the Monterey County Disaster Council meetings. Individuals, lobbyists, and members of the news media possess the right to attend, record, broadcast, and participate in public meetings. The public’s participation is further enhanced by the Brown Act’s requirement that a meaningful agenda be posted in advance of meetings, by limiting discussion and action to matters listed on the agenda, and by requiring that meeting materials be made available.

Please note: legislative bodies may, however, adopt reasonable regulations on public testimony and the conduct of public meetings, including measures to address disruptive conduct and irrelevant speech.

These meetings are held bi-annually; For more information on the next Monterey County Disaster Council, please visit the OES Calendar.


2018 Monterey County Operational Area Disaster Council 

2018 Monterey County Operational Area_Disaster Council Agenda_10312018


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