The County of Monterey Ergonomics process was developed to comply with California Occupational Safety and Health Standards, Title 8; and designed to prevent or mitigate the negative impacts of work related musculoskeletal hazard and repetitive motion injury. The process is based on employee participation which addresses concerns in a positive and preventive manner whenever possible.

An ergonomic evaluation may be requested for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. New hire (must attend ergonomics training first within 90 days of hire)
  2. New process, task or activity
  3. New work area
  4. Need assistance with setting up work area correctly
  5. Early signs and symptoms
  6. Workers’ comp claim

Make your request by downloading the request form. Have your supervisor approve your request and return it to the Maria Sandoval, County Safety Officer. You will be asked to complete an ergonomics self-assessment of your work area and return it to the County Safety Officer.

Three levels of intervention are offered:

  • Early Preventive Eval (Level I) – In-house evaluation by a trained ergonomic evaluator (county employee, contracted Ergonomist) to give you instruction on safe work practices and how to set up and use your existing equipment effectively.
  • Ergonomics Investigation (Level II) - Evaluation provided by a contracted Ergonomist in response to expressed reporting of early symptoms or a nonoccupational medical condition.
  • Workers’ Compensation Evaluation (Level III) - Evaluation provided by a contracted Ergonomist in response to expressed reporting of a work-related injury resulting in a workers’ comp claim that has resulted in the need for medical care and/or lost time.

Following the evaluation:

  • You receive a notice of completion of your report and arrange to meet with your manager to discuss and sign off on the report and recommendations.
  • Products are recommended for purchase in some cases.
  • Register for the appropriate trainings.
  • Request loaner devices as needed

Following receipt of your products (if recommended):

  • Read instructions or use online website instructions regarding equipment use
  • Set up for correct use
  • Request a follow up if needed to help you with your new equipment and to be sure you are set up correctly.

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