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Welcome to Environmental Health

The Staff of the Environmental Health Bureau is dedicated to safeguarding the residents and resources of Monterey County by providing services that help promote responsible business practices, by providing educational opportunities to industry workers and the public, and when necessary, by enforcing Environmental Health principles and law.

Our Programs

The Environmental Health Bureau operates under the Monterey County Health Department and is responsible for the oversight of the following programs:

Consumer Health
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Drinking Water
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Environmental Health Review Services - See More

Hazardous Materials Management Services - See more

Recycling Resource and Recovery Services - See More

Solid Waste
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Big Sur Waste Management Updates

Get the latest services dates for trash pick-up HERE!

West Nile Virus - Report Dead Birds

If you find a fresh dead bird, with no obvious signs of trauma or decay, please report it online here or contact North Salinas Valley Mosquito Abatement District (NSVMAD) to collect it. If you are outside of their service area, you may also drop it off at any of our three offices using the collection method below:

Do Not Touch the bird with bare hands, instead, collect it with an inverted plastic bag or scoop it into a container for safe keeping until we arrive.

For more information, please see this page about the West Nile Virus & how it is transmitted.

News from the Salinas drinking water program:

New Webpage
Our webpage is live! www.waterboards.ca.gov/Salinas_valley (this is the short-cut link we will use for flyers, but it can also be accessed with the link from our “enforcement” home page.

Toll-Free Line
Toll-free information line is also live and working, the number is: 1-855-673-1066

The toll-free line is connected to our new email for this program: cleandrinkingwater@waterboards.ca.gov


Click here to download flyer: English  or  Español.