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  • Beach Closure Lifted: MacAbee Beach

    The closure of MacAbee Beach in Monterey has been lifted. The beach was posted due to a report to Monterey County Health Department's Environmental Health Bureau that sewage had spilled into the bay. Samples taken on August 14, 2017 reveal indicator bacteria levels considered safe for recreational contact.

    8/15/2017 2:36:00 PM

  • Increasing Adolescent Immunization Coverage

    What are the nation’s experts saying to their patients about HPV vaccination? Three providers—a pediatrician, an OB-GYN, and a head and neck surgeon—outline the importance of vaccinating 11- and 12-year-olds against HPV cancers in a newly released e-learning module.


  • There are Many Things We Want to Pass to Our Loved Ones - Illness is Not One of Them

    You want to pass on certain things like family traditions, a grandmother’s quilt or dad’s love of books – but no one wants to pass on a serious illness. Take charge of your health and help protect those around you by asking about vaccines at your next doctor’s visit.



Monterey County Local Agency Management Program (LAMP)


REVISED Draft LAMP, Section 0 - Subsection 5.10 (May 5, 2017)
Timeline  for LAMP Approval
Draft LAMP Submittal to Central Coast Water Board (May 13, 2016)
Technical Advisory Committee
Common Acronyms
LAMP Overview
OWTS Policy
Current OWTS Regulations
Public Information Meetings


The Central Coast Water Board has assured Monterey County that the draft LAMP can be modified up until the time it is adopted by the Monterey County Board of Supervisors, on or about August 2017. Any proposed changes will be required to meet the goals and intent of the policies in Tier 1 of the OWTS Policy. The Environmental Health Bureau will conduct additional Technical Advisory Committee meetings to discuss the recommended changes and continue working toward standards that are as practical as possible while still providing satisfactory protection of water quality and public health, as required by the OWTS Policy.

REVISED Draft LAMP (JUNE 21, 2017) (PDF)

REVISED Draft LAMP, Section 0 - Subsection 5.10 (May 5, 2017): (PDF)

Estimated Timeline for LAMP Approval

May 17, 2017       LAMP Stakeholder Meeting at Health Department
June 21, 2017       LAMP Stakeholder Meeting at Health Department
August 2017        Final LAMP proposed at Board of Supervisors for Adoption
October 2017      Final LAMP proposed at Central Coast Water Board
May 2018           Monterey County Code, Chapter 15.20, Amended to reflect LAMP

Draft LAMP Submittal to Central Coast Water Board

A draft LAMP was submitted to the Central Coast Water Board on May 13, 2016. They responded with written comments in March 2017 and since that time Monterey County has been working to revise the draft to address their comments and those submitted from the public. These proposals must meet the goals to protect water quality and public health in order for the Central Coast Water Board to consider incorporating them into the final LAMP. In conformance with the timelines specified by the OWTS Policy, Monterey County submitted a draft LAMP to the Central Coast Water Board on May 13, 2016.

Draft LAMP (revision date May 13, 2016)(revision date May 13, 2016)
Cover Letter
Board of Supervisors authorization to submit Draft LAMP (May 10, 2016) (May 10, 2016)

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Meetings

The EHB will conduct Technical Advisory Committee (“TAC”) meetings with OWTS professionals and local residents that want to participate in refining the LAMP.  Each session will be focused on a particular portion of the LAMP and other sections will only be discussed if time permits.   Questions or comments about the LAMP or requests to participate in the TAC should be directed to Nicki Fowler, fowlerne@co.monterey.ca.us or (831) 755-4584.

TAC Meetings
Monterey County Health Department (1270 Natividad Road, Salinas 93906)
Date Time Topic
July 20, 2016 4-6 PM    Section 4: Requirements for Existing OWTS
August 17, 2016 4-6 PM    Section 5: Requirements for New OWTS
September 21, 2016 4-6 PM    Section 6: Special Areas of Concern
October 19, 2016 4-6 PM    Other Sections
November 16, 2016
4-6 PM
December 14, 2016 4-6 PM   CANCELLED
May 17, 2017
4-6 PM
Revisions to Draft LAMP dated May 13, 2016
  • Section 0 – Definitions
  • Section 1 – Introduction
  • Section 2 – Project Area
  • Section 3 – Water Quality Monitoring Program
  • Section 4 – Requirements for Existing OWTS
  • Section 5 – Requirements for New OWTS
  • Subsections 5.1 – 5.10 only
June 21, 2017
4-6 PM  Remaining sections

Common Acronyms

EHB means Environmental Health Bureau, Monterey County Health Department

LAMP means Local Agency Management Program (“LAMP”) for Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems

OWTS means Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems

TAC means Technical Advisory Committee

LAMP Overview

Monterey County has drafted a Local Agency Management Program (“LAMP”) for Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (“OWTS”, also commonly called septic systems). In June 2012, the State Water Resources Control Board adopted the OWTS Policy, intended to increase protection of water quality and public health in California by establishing uniform regulations for OWTS that apply throughout the state. The LAMP has been developed in accordance with Tier 2 of the Water Quality Control Policy for Siting, Design, Operation and Maintenance of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (“OWTS Policy”), to provide local designers, installers and regulators more flexibility when designing, installing and permitting OWTS while still ensuring the goals of the OWTS Policy, adopted by the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board (“Central Coast Water Board”), can be met. The LAMP will supplement Monterey County Code, Chapter 15.20, Sewage Disposal, and calls for it to be updated to conform to the LAMP once it is approved by the Board of Supervisors (on or about May 2018). The LAMP does not require changes to existing, properly functioning OWTS. New OWTS and repairs, expansions or replacement of existing OWTS will be required to meet the requirements of the LAMP. Existing OWTS that are found to clearly degrade groundwater or surface water quality or could otherwise contribute to public health impacts may also require upgrade or replacement. Here is a list of some of the changes proposed by the LAMP, compared to current County standards:

  • Specifies more comprehensive site evaluation requirements (including groundwater monitoring borings, soil profile analysis and for new systems, percolation testing)
  • Limits the depth of dispersal fields
  • Limits the use of seepage pits
  • Requires septic tank pumpers to submit a report on every septic tank pump out within Monterey County
  • Allows consideration for an alternative OWTS if a property is so constrained (for example, high groundwater, shallow soils or slow-percolating soils) that a conventional OWTS (septic tank and gravity disposal field) cannot be installed

State OWTS Policy
Water Quality Control Plan for Siting, Design, Operation and Maintenance of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems by State Water Resources Control Board dated June 19, 2012

OWTS Policy Website

Current Local OWTS Regulations
Monterey County Code, Chapter 15.20

Public Information Meetings
Monterey County Health Department, Environmental Health Bureau held a series of informational meetings in June 2016 to provide the public with an overview of the State OWTS Policy, the LAMP and projected changes to OWTS design, installation and permit requirements.  

Watch a video of the June 22, 2016 meeting: Salinas LAMP Info Meeting (21 minutes)
View the presentation: LAMP Info Meeting PowerPoint slides

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