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Individual departments can contact the Employee Wellness Program to request that health education presentations be facilitated specifically and locally for their staff. These classes are provided for ten or more employees during events such a staff meetings, off-site meetings, employee recognition days, or special training. Examples of requested workshops include:

*The Challenge of Change at Work: Coping with the pace of change at work. Learning to adapt to change effectively can insulate workers from stress and restore a sense of enthusiasm and commitment. 

*Creative Problem Solving: Unresolved problems can be major stressors. This fast-paced workshop will offer a simple method that can be used to solve nagging work and personal problems. 

*Improving Job Satisfaction for Emotional Well Being and Stress Reduction: This workshop provided strategies for improving staff morale, improving a climate of trust and goodwill among coworkers and how to resolve conflicts early on. 


Contact the Health Promotion Partnership to discuss your staff needs and interests.