Information Technology Department


Welcome to the Department of Information Technology

  • The County of Monterey Information Technology Department (ITD) will foster the use of proven state-of-the practice information and telecommunication technologies in the most strategic, cost-effective and efficient ways possible to support internal County operations and business activities - delivering quality services with trained, self-motivated and capable professionals in an empowering environment.

  • ITD will embrace information and telecommunication technologies as a strategic enabler, embedding it as a critical and fundamental component in all that the County does, while ensuring its use and application are aligned with and supportive of the efficient and responsive delivery of services to all of the County’s constituents – its residents, businesses, institutions and visitors. 

  • By aligning information and telecommunication technologies in support of the business of county government, ITD will become a more agile organization that is better able to adapt to changing conditions and pressures. Through strategic investment in information and telecommunication technologies, ITD will develop and implement innovative approaches for improving the quality and delivery of needed services to its users – electorate, agencies and departments.    


ITD Guiding Principles

ITD Divisions