Microsoft Windows & Office


MS Windows 10,  Office 2016

Controlled Procurement of systems with Windows 10 is authorized

Since the release of both Windows 8 and Windows 10. and Office 2016, ITD has been deeply involved in researching, testing, and discussing the processes which needed to be followed in order for the County to begin to use these products while ensuring that existing applications and tools will not be impacted by migrating. Windows 10 continues Microsoft's move to expanded collaboration. Unfortunately, without specific security policies being in place Windows 10 also places the County at risk, and is therefore not authorized at this time. 

Accordingly, procurement of systems with Window 10 Professional is not authorized at this time. Should a department want to request an exception, the ordering department will be required to verify that none of its applications will be impacted, and submit the request to ITD Procurement for vetting by application and security staff.

Quotes for current PC models licensed for Windows 10 versions with the downgrade to Windows 7, are available for review in the Authorized Procurement List and the EDX PC Procurement Portal (to authorized personnel).

For more information please contact Michael Gross, 759-6941 or via email Look for more information on this issue soon.