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Personal Computer Procurement List

Section 10.2 (Procurement of Information Technology Products) of the Monterey County Information Technology Policies states: “The acquisition of information technology hardware and software products will be guided by the Unified Technical Architecture policy and plans. ITD will maintain vendor relationships and master procurement agreements for products selected as a part of the Enterprise Wide Technical Architecture (EWTA)…” In accordance with these policies, the following lists of items are deemed part of the EWTA and are pre-approved by ITD for Departmental Acquisition. While these devices have been tested to meet general office requirements, they have not been tested for interoperability with unique departmental applications. It is recommended that County Departments consult with their appropriate IT Business Manager prior to placing an order for items listed herein should they be considering utilizing the item with department specific applications which might have unique interoperability requirements. Please note that Requisitions for both EWTA and non EWTA items must be reviewed for accuracy by ITD Procurement Staff prior to submission to Purchasing.

The following systems are the County Standards for Desktop and Notebook systems.PCs may be ordered using the EDX/Monterey County Portal. Click here for Instructions on how to use the EDX Portal. Click on the links for fill-able quotes.

Personal Computers - Latest Desktop Models

Windows 10 Licensed Models 

Personal Computers - Latest Laptop Models

Windows 10 Licensed Models 

Personal Computers - Latest Tablet Models

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