Printers and Scanners


Printer and Scanner Procurement List

Section 10.2 (Procurement of Information Technology Products) of the Monterey County Information Technology Policies states: “The acquisition of information technology hardware and software products will be guided by the Unified Technical Architecture policy and plans. ITD will maintain vendor relationships and master procurement agreements for products selected as a part of the Enterprise Wide Technical Architecture (EWTA)…” In accordance with these policies, the following lists of items are deemed part of the EWTA and are pre-approved by ITD for Departmental Acquisition. While these devices have been tested to meet general office requirements, they have not been tested for interoperability with unique departmental applications.

Please note that purchases for both EWTA and non EWTA items must be reviewed for accuracy by ITD Procurement Staff prior to submission and that the provisions of the County's Local Vendor Preference Policy apply to printer purchases. ITD Staff will provide quotes including those from local vendors upon receipt of a request for quote for printers from County Departments.

Desktop Printers- Latest Desktop Models

  • HP6230 Desktop Inkjet Entry Level  7-05-16
  • M402DNE Desktop B&W Laser (Mid Level 03-21-17

Workgroup Printers - Latest Workgroup Models

  • M402DN Workgroup B&W Laser (Entry Level 7-05-16
  • M608N Workgroup B&W Laser (Mid Level 8-25-17
  • M452NW Workgroup Color Laser (Mid Level 7-05-16
  • M252DW Workgroup Color Laser (Entry Level 7-05-16
  • M452DN Workgroup Color Laser w/Duplex (Mid Level 7-05-16
  • M609DN Workgroup B&W Laser (High Level 8-25-17
  • M553DN Workgroup Color Laser (High Level)   9-05-16

Mobile Printers - Latest Mobile Model

  • L411A Mobile Printer  7-05-16

Scanners - Latest Scanner Models

  • G4050 Color Flatbed Scanner (Entry Level)
  • 2500F Color Flatbed Scanner (Mid-High Level 7-05-16