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Royal Oaks Park


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Located in north Monterey County, Royal Oaks Park was established in 1966 and is the oldest park in the Monterey County Parks system. This 122 acre day use facility is situated in a small valley studded with Coast Live Oaks. Royal Oak’s country setting makes it the ideal place for your next family outing. Royal Oaks Park has much to offer the outdoor enthusiast. The park facilities include a softball field, playground equipment, basketball, volley-ball and tennis courts, and miles of hiking trails.


Announcement: Memorial Day (May 28, 2018) Fee Increase Notice for Toro, Royal Oaks and San Lorenzo Park - Click here for details. 

Hours of Operation:

 Jacks Peak, Laguna Seca Rifle & Pistol Range, Royal Oaks and Toro Park will be closed on Christmas Eve (12/24/17), Christmas Day (12/25/17) and New Years’ Day (1/1/18).

All other County of Monterey parks will be open with normal hours except Lake San Antonio (see Announcements).
January 8:00-5:00  
February 8:00-5:30  
March (Pre Day Light Savings) 8:00-6:00  
March (Post Day Light Savings) 8:00-7:00                                       
April 8:00-7:00  
May 8:00-7:30  
June, July, August 8:00-8:00  
September 8:00-7:00  
October 8:00-6:30  
November (Day Light Savings Time) 8:00-5:30  
November (Post Day Light Savings Time) 8:00-5:00  
December 8:00-5:00