We are pleased to offer online access to Planning and Building permit information for unincorporated Monterey County. The information below outlines what can be researched or submitted online.

Submit Permit Applications and Monitor Permit Status

Monterey County Accela Citizen Access (ACA): This is the primary online resource for Land Use information. The following can be done with ACA:

  • View historical planning and building permit information
  • Initialize permits online
  • Submit public records requests online
  • View historical public records requests
  • Report code compliance issues
  • View historical code compliance cases
  • Lookup zoning information
  • Schedule inspections

What kind of permits can I apply for via ACA?

What other services are available in ACA?

  • Code Compliance - Report code compliance issues. Click for Instructions

  • Public Records Request - Building and planning records requests. Click for Instructions

  • Special Events Questionnaire - Required for obtaining a special event permit. Submission of this questionnaire does not guarantee issuance of a permit.


Note: Some services require an ACA account. For more info, click the "Permit Information Sheet" link on the right-side menu.


Monitoring Permit Status

Monterey County Permit Tracker: This tool enables citizens to track planning and building permits. Permit Tracker offers a more visually intuitive representation of your permit status than Citizen Access.The following can be done with Permit Tracker:

  • View planning and building permit information
  • Track permit stages and updates
  • Subscribe to permits and receive updates
  • You can not submit permit applications on Permit Tracker