We are pleased to offer online access to permit information for unincorporated Monterey County. The information below outlines what can be researched or submitted online.

Submit Permit Applications & Monitor Status

Citizen Access - This is the primary online resource for Land Use information for Monterey County. The following can be done with Accela Citizen Access (ACA):

  • View historical planning and building permit information
  • Initialize permits online
  • Submit public records requests online
  • View historical public records requests
  • Report code compliance issues
  • View historical code compliance cases
  • Lookup zoning information
  • Schedule inspections

Using Our Online Services:


Monitoring Permit Status

Monterey County Permit Tracker - This tool enables citizens to track planning and building permits. Permit Tracker is an interactive tool that allows you to:

  • View planning and building permit information
  • Track permit stages and updates
  • Subscribe to permits and receive updates
  • Note: You can not submit permit applications via Permit Tracker