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Investigating a Complaint


The following are typical steps in investigating a report of a violation.

Office Work:

  • The Code Enforcement Inspector will receive the case including a brief description of the alleged violation(s), the site address, the Assessors Parcel Number, aerial photographs, a list of permits on record, and whether the alleged violation is in progress.
  • If applicable, the Code Enforcement Inspector may research other sources to obtain additional information pertaining to the property, including permit history, and the building record from the Monterey County Assessor's office.
  • If applicable, the Code Enforcement Inspector may conduct in-house research of building, grading and zoning permits that have been issue for the subject property to determine the legality of structures, uses, and grading activity on the property.

Field Work:

  • The Code Enforcement Inspector will conduct an inspection to verify the validity of the complaint.
  • If the Code Enforcement Inspector determines that a violation exists, a Stop Work Notice (work or activity in progress) or a Notice of Violation (work or activity completed) will be posted on the property or mailed to owners. Photos will be taken at that time.
  • If the Code Enforcement Inspector makes the determination that no violation exists photos will also be taken for documentation purposes.

    Note: It is important that photos are taken whether the violation is confirmed or is determined to have no merit. Photographs will assist the property owner and our staff in processing permits to clear the violations.