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Library Services



The county librarian and assistant librarian are prepared to help patrons  find material and information in the library and  on electronic media. Our part-time staff is not.

The County Librarian is the only person who is authorized to assist patrons on WestLaw and the Internet.   Check the librarian's schedule.    Schedules


Librarians  provide only minimal reference service over the phone.  The availability of books and materials, and other simple questions will be answered. Do not expect the librarian to do research for you over the phone.


If a patron knows the exact title and author of a publication he or she requires, an inter-library loan may be available.  This means that our library can borrow the publication and allow the patron access to it.  If you are an attorney limited check-out is available (1 - 3 days).  If you are not an attorney, the publication must be viewed in the library.  There is a return postage charge for this service.  To request this service, contact Melissa, the assistant librarian.  Check her schedule.    Schedules


Each branch of the library has a copy machine for public use.  These machines cost .10 per copy.   Using legal size paper two pages of a book can be copied on a single sheet of paper.  The librarian has change.  Copy cards not available.  Those who are planning to file court papers should make sufficient copies prior to coming to the court.


Each library has Matthew Bender's  Authority, Shepard's and C.C.H. SmartTax available for public use.  Limited free printing is allowed.  If you plan to download information, bring a portable USB drive, the library does not supply them.  The use of the computer may be limited to 30 minutes.    


Patrons who wish to use voice recorders must not disturb other patrons.   Lap-top computers are welcome in the library unless they become distracting to other patrons.  Note: There are no electrical outlets for public use at either library, at the present time.  Cellular phones are not to be used in the library.  Please be courteous to other patrons.