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A New Year’s Resolution idea – This year resolve to improve your own life and someone else’s life – Volunteer as a Literacy Tutor

If you can read this, you are better off than 25% of Monterey County adults who are functionally illiterate and read below the 4th grade level.

Imagine not being able to fill out a job application, read road signs, help your children with their homework, or understand the bills you receive. But the impact of illiteracy is not just on the individual – it is felt by the community at large. Businesses suffer because it limits the abilities of the workforce; health and safety become an issue when individuals cannot read their prescriptions or safety warnings; informed civic engagement is limited; and people are more likely to become victims of scams.

Monterey County Free Libraries' ReadMCFL program provides free tutoring to adults interested in improving their English literacy skills. Learners come to the program with many goals in mind: taking the GED, getting a driver’s license, becoming a citizen or getting a promotion at work. ReadMCFL has close to 100 learners on its waiting list who want to improve their lives by learning to read, write, speak and understand English better. Literacy is a life changing achievement that is so often simply taken for granted. Become a literacy tutor and join the many people who say that tutoring is one of their most rewarding experiences. Make a commitment of just two hours per week for at least six months. Volunteers are needed throughout the county.

Volunteer tutors may join the ReadMCFL program at any point during the year by registering for our new tutor training.

The next two part "Orientation and New Tutor Training" will be held on the Peninsula. Attendance at both sessions is required. Part I on Tuesday, January 15, 6:00-8:30 pm at the Marina Branch Part II on Wednesday, January 16, 6:00-8:30 pm at the Seaside Branch For more information or to register for training, call 831-883-7597, or email andrewscs@co.monterey.ca.us.


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