Monterey County

Information Technology Policies


Section: 1.0
Subject: Overall Information Technology Policy
Date Issued: September 10,  2002
Issued by: Director of Information Technology, as recommended by the Department Head Information Technology Steering Committee
Applies to: All Departments and Agencies



To formally establish an Information Technology Steering Committee which will provide vision, direction, coordination, and collaboration for the utilization of information technology resources across the Departments.


County Departments will be individually responsible for the use of Information Technology in support of their departmental mission and goals.  The County, through the Information Technology Steering Committee, will collectively and collaboratively plan and guide the acquisition and use of Information Technology, across Departments, through the establishment of policies and strategies which support and ensure the regular and continuous progress towards achievement of the County’s adopted Information Technology Principles.

To ensure progress towards the adopted principles the Information Technology Steering Committee shall annually, in advance of the County’s budget preparation cycle, prepare a report to the Board of Supervisors and the County Administrative Officer documenting accomplishments of the previous year and setting forth the challenges and opportunities for improvement during the upcoming year.


Information Technology – an inclusive term to address the services and functions commonly associated with information and telecommunication systems.

Information Technology Steering Committee – a committee regularly convened and facilitated by the Director of Information Technology which consists of all Monterey County Department Heads for the purpose of establishing County-wide information technology principles, policy, strategy, and other related statements of direction to guide the design, engineering, selection, acquisition, deployment, operation, maintenance, and ultimate disposal of the means of information collection, communication, processing, and storage.

Information Technology Principles – the documented guiding principles that have been officially adopted by the Department Heads.


Board of Supervisors – approve the County’s Information Technology Policies as approved and presented by the Information Technology Steering Committee.  Approve information technology expenditures based on the availability of funding, County-wide priorities, and the relationship to the adopted information technology policies.

Information Technology Steering Committee – promote the effective and innovative use of information technology.  Periodically establish, review, and/or amend the Monterey County Information Technology Principles, Policies, Strategies, and other related documents to guide the acquisition and use of information technology.  Recommend to the County Administrative Officer and the Board of Supervisors information technology priorities and projects consistent with the adopted information technology principles, policies, strategies, and business priorities.  Prepare an annual report of accomplishments, challenges, and opportunities to improve the practice of achieving the adopted Information Technology Principles.

County Administrative Officer – recommend County Information Technology Principles, Policy, and Strategy to the Board of Supervisors as developed by the Information Technology Steering Committee.  Recommend related departmental systems plans to the Board of Supervisors.  Facilitate the implementation of information technology initiatives formulated within the Information Technology Steering Committee.

Director of Information Technology – convene the Information Technology Steering Committee as requested by the members and maintain the Information Technology Principles, Policies, and Strategies as adopted and amended.  Implement the directions and guidance established by the Information Technology Steering Committee.

County Departments define departmental information technology needs in support of, and within, the Information Technology Principles.  Represent departmental interests within the mission and goals of the Information Technology Steering Committee.  Assist with the implementation of the County Information Technology Principles, Policies, Strategies, and other related statements of direction.  Seek funding and approval of information technology projects in support of the County-wide information technology initiatives and interests