Monterey County

Information Technology Policies


Section: 2.0
Subject: Information Technology Strategic Planning Policy
Date Issued: September 10, 2002
Issued by: Director of Information Technology, as recommended by the Department Head Information Technology Steering Committee
Applies to: All Departments and Agencies



To establish the responsibilities and define the product of joint information technology planning efforts to be conducted by the Departments to improve collaboration and planning for a more efficient, effective, and focused use of available County resources.


The Information Technology Steering Committee will establish and maintain a Five-Year Information Technology Strategic Plan which will be reviewed and updated at least annually in advance of the annual County budget development cycle.  The Strategic Plan will be maintained to support decision making for the planned evolution of the County’s information technology infrastructure and application portfolios towards achievement of the County’s adopted Information Technology Principles.

The Five-Year Information Technology Strategic Plan will be used as a framework for considering approval of staffing and funding for projects that are in alignment with the plan, are business driven, and are justified by a business case.

Regular maintenance of the plan will be conducted to ensure the plan’s applicability in an environment where the constant change of County business priorities, technological evolution, and implementation of past project completions will necessitate flexibility and adaptability within the planning process.

The planning process will be inclusive and participative to the fullest extent possible to ensure that the process is open, rational, and equitable to the competing County business interests.


Five-Year Information Technology Strategic Plan – a document which presents County-wide business priorities for technology investments in a top-down, time phased and sequenced plan.  The document will depict the planned priorities for commitment of resources to information technology projects that are supported by the Board of Supervisors, Administration, and Department executives.


Board of Supervisors – Approve information technology expenditures based on the availability of funding, County-wide priorities, and the relationship to the adopted Five- Year County-wide Information Technology Strategic Plan.

Information Technology Steering Committee – Regularly, at least annually, establish, review, and/or amend the Monterey County Five-Year Information Technology Strategic Plan.  Recommend to the County Administrative Officer and the Board of Supervisors information technology priorities and projects consistent with the adopted strategic plan and business priorities.

County Administrative Officer – recommend the County Five-Year Information Technology Strategic Plan to the Board of Supervisors as developed by the Information Technology Steering Committee.  Utilize the strategic plan as a part of the preparation of recommendations with regard to funding of information technology projects and contracts.  Recommend related departmental systems plans to the Board of Supervisors.

Director of Information Technology – convene the Information Technology Steering Committee as requested by the members and maintain the Five-Year Information Technology Strategic Plan as adopted and amended.  Assist with the implement the strategies and projects as established by the Information Technology Steering Committee.

County Departments – define departmental information technology needs and represent departmental interests during the formulation of the Five-Year Information Technology Strategic Plan.  Assist with the implementation of the County’s Strategic Plan.  Seek funding and approval of information technology projects in support of the plan