LAFCO of Monterey County
 Local Agency Formation Commission

  Kate McKenna, AICP, Executive Officer


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                                                                                          Commission Committees


                                                                                              Effective June 24, 2013

                                                                         Budget and Finance Committee (Standing – Active) 

                                                                       Commissioner Simón Salinas, County Member

                                                                       Commissioner Ralph Rubio, City Member,

                                                                       Commissioner Graig Stephens, Special District Member


                                             Executive Officer Evaluation and Compensation Review Committee (Standing –Active)           

                                                                       Commissioner Lou Calcagno, County Member, LAFCO Chair

                                                               Commissioner Steve Snodgrass, Special District Member, LAFCO Vice Chair


                                                   LAFCO Sphere of Influence and Annexation Policy Committee (Standing – Inactive)

                                                                      Commissioner Sherwood Darington, Public Member,

                                                                      Commissioner Pete Poitras, Alternate Special District Member

                                                                      Commissioner Maria Orozco,  City Member