Stephanie F., Age 12 


Cowgirls live in the west

They wear belts, shirts, pants and boots which make them

Look like real cowgirls

In the west, on the mountain ranges, they ride their horses

They are as fast as lightning

On the ranch where they say it’s hot

They feed their other animals on the ranch

They swing their ropes and say, “Yee Haw”

They know how to plant crops as they know how to sing and dance

They dance like flowers that sway with the wind

And sing “Old MacDonald had a Farm”

They look for water in the dry land

But they only find dead rats

At the end they lay on the wavy grass

They stretch and say goodbye for their evening nap

Sponsored by the Foundation for Monterey County Free Libraries (FMCFL) and the California Rodeo Salinas.