Horses and Cowgirls

Lindsey M., Age 9 


Horses and Cowgirls, what a great team

The horse runs and the Cowgirl directs

All of a sudden, she lets out a scream

For the horse sees the mountain lion she detects

The horse is running as fast as can be

Over to her wounded master

Carrying her out of the way is the key

The mountain lion yells like a blaster

For the horse just kicked the mountain lion away

And carried the Cowgirl back to safety

That is how the horse saved the day

But, next week when they were out riding

They were having a fine time

When the horse figured out he was colliding

With a rattlesnake the color of faded lime

The horse was bucking and went crazy

And the Cowgirl was thrown on the ground

Lucky for them, the cowgirl wasn’t lazy

She threw her lasso and the snake got wrapped around

That is how the Cowgirl saved the day

Sponsored by the Foundation for Monterey County Free Libraries (FMCFL) and the California Rodeo Salinas.