The Playful Foal

Celine L., Age 10 


Iím a new born foal. In my eyes the world is new.

The smell of sweet hay is strange to me.

My mother is near me to keep me safe.

I drink my motherís milk, itís the sweetest taste.

The first time I went outside with my mom,

I felt a gentle breeze on my baby fur.

The sun is shining Ė the grass is green and

Beautiful flowers all around me.

All day I jump Ė And roll on the ground Ė

I run and play with the other foals.

When itís time to go back in the stables

My mother whinnies for me.

But I still would like to play.

But my mommy knows best.

Sponsored by the Foundation for Monterey County Free Libraries (FMCFL) and the California Rodeo Salinas.