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Volunteer Tutor Dolores Joblin with Marisol and her daughter, who attends sessions with her.
Who We Are:
Welcome to the Adult Literacy Program of Monterey County. To meet the needs of the many adults in Monterey County with limited literacy skills, the Monterey County Free Libraries Adult Literacy Program offers confidential, student centered, one-on-one literacy tutoring to English speaking adults. We would like you to explore the personal advantages of becoming a tutor in this program. Read the testimonials from our tutors and the personal stories from our diverse group of learners. Our goal is to provide adults with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful as parents, workers, and citizens.

What You Will Find Here:
Read Learners' Stories about what this program means to them. Read Tutors' Testimonials about how this program benefits them personally.
Look for books we like, literacy and language web sites of interest on our Resources page.  Share the joy of reading with someone, find out how to Volunteer. Do you want to improve your English? Find out how easy it is to become a learner on the Learners page. The board members will introduce themselves to you on the About Us page. Read our Statement of Purpose. Look around, learn about what we can do for you and how you can benefit from this most valuable Monterey County program.

When you become an adult learner and have a child under 5 years of age, you can enroll in the Families For Literacy program. Read with your child, get free children's books and have fun with your entire family at our get-togethers!
Whether you want to share the joy of reading or become a learner, there's lots of information on this site, so spend some time, and get to know about this program and the benefits for YOU! Help change a life, or change your own!

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