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Call (831) 883-7597 or complete our Learner Interest Form and our coordinator will make arrangements to match you with a trained volunteer tutor, who will help you improve your English skills. Work on your reading, comprehension, pronunciation and writing skills. We will help you prepare for a better job, get your GED, be able to read with your children, become a U.S. citizen or increase your self- esteem.
If you have a child, a grandchild, or day care children under the age of five, the Families For Literacy program will provide you with high quality children's literature, teach you skills to prepare your children for reading and start them on their way to success in school.
You will attend Families For Literacy meetings with your family and attend evening meetings of parent education for learners only. You will establish short and long term goals for yourself with the help of your tutor.
Your children will learn to say their ABCs in English and recognize colors and shapes in English before they start school! You will spend time reading with them at least three times a week.
Join us, we have lots of fun together, you will enjoy your

James Brock,  Diem Bui James Brock with his learner and friend, Diem Bui from Vietnam. Diem became a U.S. citizen in 1998.
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A father of twins enjoys participating in a fun get-together with his daughters (including twins) and his wife.
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