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Reading Readiness for Your Child
The Families For Literacy Program encourages adult parents to become their child’s first teacher. The article that follows was published by the Sacramento City Unified School District.

Readiness Skills — Getting Ready For Kindergarten
The advantage of being your child’s first teacher is that you know and understand your child better than anyone else. You are able to teach the skills that are right for your child and you can teach them at your own pace. Children learn best when they are active participants. They learn through play and having fun! So make learning fun ...a game between you and your child.
The list included on this page identifies desirable readiness skills that will help children get off to a good start when they begin school. Children do not need to acquire every skill before entering kindergarten because children develop at different rates. The list represents the ideal. Some learn a particular skill earlier, some later. The goals is not to speed up development, but to insure that each child has the best possible opportunities to learn and grow at each level of development. Readiness skills are best taught in small doses, with repetition over time - without pressure for you or your child.

Reading Readiness
Has been read to daily
Identifies objects in a picture books
Looks at books
Expresses self verbally
Knows first and last name
Knows address, age and birth date
Tells the meaning of simple words
Looks at pictures and tells a story
Pretends to read and write
Recognizes some rhymes, poems and songs
Understands that printed words carry a message
Looks at words from left-to-right
Answers questions about a short story
Prints own name
Understands in and out
Understands near and far
Understands up and down
Understands big and little
Understands closed and open
Understands empty and full

Counts orally through 10
Counts groups of objects from 1-5
Understands more and less

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