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Statement of Purpose:
  • To provide clear and competent instruction in reading and writing for every individual in Monterey County who wants to learn these skills.
  • To train and maintain a staff of volunteer tutors willing to work with individuals on a one-on-one basis with the goal of meeting the needs of the individuals.
  • To search out and provide the best quality materials for teaching and learning the skills of reading and writing. This will include basic skill level testing and effective resources to enhance and improve these skills.
  • To coordinate and oversee the process of matching a trained tutor with a person who wants to learn.
  • To provide information to the public about the opportunities available for both volunteers and those seeking to learn.
  • To create and maintain a user-friendly and supportive place for meetings between tutors and learners.
  • To maintain an efficient and attractive office where records and resources are kept in good order and are available as needed in furthering the goals of the program.
  • To offer enrichment and the opportunity for continued learning to both tutors and learners.
  • To provide social events on occasion that will support and increase commitment to the program.
  • To solicit community support wherever possible and to promote the program to the public.
  • To work with funding agencies to ensure that adequate funds are available to maintain and improve the program at all levels.

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