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   Dave Potter
Supervisor, 5th District  and California Coastal Commissioner

Originally from Hingham, Massachusetts, Dave Potter has been a resident of Monterey County since 1970, and is dedicated to actively serving the community. Besides owning and operating Potter Construction since 1974, Dave has also served the local community in many capacities including: the City of Monterey Architectural Review Committee ('86 to '90), the Monterey City Planning Commission ('90 to '92), the Monterey City Council ('92 to '96), the Transportation Agency of Monterey County ('93 to present), the Ford Ord Reuse Authority ('93 to present), Chairman and now Vice-Chair of the Community of Caring ('96 to present) and was elected to the Monterey County Board of Supervisors for the Fifth District, representing Big Sur, Carmel, Carmel Valley, Monterey, Pacific Grove, and Pebble Beach in November of 1996. He was appointed to the California Coastal Commission in March of 1997, served as Vice-Chairperson in 1997 for the Board of Supervisors and was elected Chairperson in January of 1998.

    In addition to serving as Supervisor to the constituents of the Fifth District of the County of Monterey, Dave also serves on numerous committees including: the Board of Supervisors' Legislative Committee, Health Committee, Equal Employment Opportunity Committee, and Health and Welfare Committee; the Monterey County Travel and Tourism Alliance.

    Dave is an ice hockey enthusiast, and has been a member of the San Jose Sharks Seniors Hockey Team since 1991. He is an active member of the Central Coast Skating Association, and was President of that organization in 1996.

    Dave and wife Patricia have two children, Tyler, 17 and Sarah, 14.

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