Continuing to monitor the effects and impacts of multiple storm systems on Monterey County. 

See our "Storm Information" page for details and resources.

In the KNOW, READY to GO

 Being prepared means knowing where to get knowledge and staying informed of what is happening, having a plan that helps you deal with emergency situations, and a kit that will give you necessary supplies, like water, when they may not be available.

In Monterey County, every resident can be more prepared by remembering the phrase

In the Know, Ready to Go

Here's a few ideas to get you started:

In the KNOW:

-          Bookmark the Monterey County Office of Emergency Services website ( for information on hazards in Monterey County, ways to get prepared, and links to additional resources.


-          Subscribe (by email or RSS feed) to the “Latest News” section to stay in the loop about what’s going on in and around Monterey County, including emergency information.


-          Like / Follow the Monterey County Office of Emergency Services Facebook and Twitter (@MontereyCoOES)


-          Sign up your cell phone number at . Unlike the “Reverse-911” systems of the past, Alert Monterey County allows you to register a cell phone number and receive emergency notifications via text, phone call, or email. You also have the ability to choose what types of messages that you will receive and where in the county is important to you



-          Have a plan. This includes how and where to evacuate and meet (if necessary) and how to communicate with each other. Think about things like pets and if children are at school or activities. Talk about it and make sure everyone understands it. Visit for plan forms


-          Build a kit. What would you need if nothing was available? Store enough supplies for each person for at least 3 days. Don’t forget batteries, and for canned food, make sure you pack a can opener! Throw some games and books in there to help pass the time. Special treats also help calm everyone down, so a chocolate bar or hard candy is also a great idea. Keep it all together so that you can grab it quickly in case of evacuation and keep a smaller version in your car or at work as well so you are ready no matter where you are. Customize it to your specific needs. Visit for some ideas on things to include.

A!ert Monterey County

Alert Monterey County

What's AlertMontereyCounty?

AlertMontereyCounty is a system used by City and County public safety officials to deliver emergency notifications to residents and businesses impacted by, or in danger of being impacted by, an emergency or disaster.

AlertMontereyCounty uses the 9-1-1 database to call and deliver a recorded message to all landline phone numbers in a specific geographic area within a City and/or the County.

Residents may also be notified on their cell phone, Voice over IP (VoIP) phone or at their email address. Those wishing to receive messages on these devices must register online.

So go register your cell phone(s), email and address to stay informed of public health and safety notifications like evacuations due to wildfires or flooding, weather-related disasters, wide area power blackouts, urgent law enforcement operations, toxic chemical spills or release of gas/pesticide, and missing persons or kidnapped children.

These important messages may be sent during or after an emergency event to keep you informed of important information (relevant to any and all of the geographic locations that you deem important to know about – work, school, home, etc.) but will not spam you.

The Great California Shakeout

Register for the California ShakeOut!

Monterey County had nearly 100,000 particpants in this year's Shakeout, an annual drill to get Californians prepared for major earthquakes. If you haven't already (and want to be counted), register here to help Monterey County continue to be earthquake smart, and don't forget- in the event of an earthquake, drop, cover, and hold on until the shaking stops!


2014 Drought

For more information on the 2014 drought and its effects on Monterey County, please see our dedicated drought webpage


When disasters happen - "It started like any other day..."



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