Pets and Livestock


SPCA for Monterey County

SPCA eveacuating animals during Pfieffer Fire, December 2013




The SPCA for Monterey County was the very first animal welfare agency in the United States to partner with the American Red Cross and shelter pets adjacent to human evacuation shelters during disasters. During the 2008 Basin Complex Fire and the Pfeiffer Fire in 2013, over 500 animals were evacuated and sheltered.

While the commitment to help pets and livestock during disasters is as strong as ever, as a pet owner, there are certain steps that you can take in order to make the process easier. Please head over to the SPCA for Monterey County's Disaster Preparedness page for information on things like pet-specific preparedness kits, Emergency Pet Alert Cards, Monterey County hotels that accept pets, and general ways to better prepare yourself as a pet owner to cope with disasters.


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