Disaster Preparedness

Monterey County embraces the Whole Community concept, one in which engagement of the private and nonprofit sectors, along with the general public and in conjunction with local, tribal, state, and Federal government partners  leads to a stronger, more resilient community.  

Preparedness is a shared responsibility, and it calls for the involvement of everyone—not just the government—in preparedness efforts. By working together, we can keep our communities safe from harm and resilient when struck by hazards.

We will-

·         Work to understand the unique and diverse needs of our local communities

·         Engage and empower these communities, involving everyone as part of the process to identify needs and resources available

·         Find ways to support and strengthen the already existing capabilities to further enhance the capacity of these communities

By working together, we can do more.


It's easy to just.....

Getting prepared to handle disasters can be an overwhelming task - there's tons of information out there, potential for stress, and other factors that can make it easy to put it off.

Do 1 Thing has simplified the process in its quest to help build stronger communities by breaking preparedness down into 12 categories, featured monthly on a rotating basis, and giving ideas and easy to follow directions on how to increase your capabilities in each one.


Hazards in Monterey County

Currently being revised. Back up shortly!

For more information on hazards specific to California, searchable by location, please visit the Cal OES MyHazards page