EOC when activated

The Emergency Operations Center shares information about the situation through briefings

The Emergency Operations Center

The purpose of the Monterey County Emergency Operations Center is to provide a facility from which the organization can effectively coordinate its response to an emergency.

 The EOC provides a single focal point for centralized activities, which include:

  • Developing a common operating picture of the Operational Area during disasters and emergencies

  • Management of information, both internal and external

  • Setting objectives, priorities for operational efforts, and resource allocation

  • Facilitating the rapid restoration of lifelines

  • Implementing community recovery efforts

The primary role of the EOC is to bring together in one place all relevant information about the emergency, organize that information in a useful format for the EOC Director, and facilitate the coordination of the resources needed to mitigate the effects of the emergency.

Organization Chart for the EOC

(Under Revision - New structure being developed and approved)


The pathway of resource requests: The EOC's role in coordinating assistance


The Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS)

(Under Construction 2/5/2015)