Monterey County Strategic Initiatives

Economic Development

“Enhancing the well-being and prosperity of Monterey County Residents”
Through collaboration, strengthen economic development to ensure a diversified and healthy economy.

“Efficient and Effective Government Operations”
Promote an organization that practices efficient and effective resource management and is recognized for responsiveness, strong customer orientation, accountability and transparency.
Health And Human Services

“Health and Wellness for Monterey County Residents”
Improve health and quality of life through County supported policies, programs, and services; promoting access to equitable opportunities for healthy choices and healthy environments in collaboration with communities.

“Meeting our Facilities, Water, Technology and Transportation Needs”
Plan and develop a sustainable, physical infrastructure that improves the quality of life for County residents and supports economic development results.
Public Safety

“Creating Safe Communities”
Reduce violent crime and homicides, create a safe environment for people to achieve their potential, leading businesses and communities to thrive and grow.

Economic Development Key Objective:

  • Create better paying jobs, reduce poverty and increase the revenue base through business expansion while adding to the economic vitality of the County.

Administration Key Objectives:

  • Achieve a balanced budget each year that sustains core services and efficiently allocates resources.
  • Recruit and retain a diverse, talented workforce that supports the mission of Monterey County.
  • Foster innovation in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness of County services.

Health and Human Services Key Objectives:

  • Reduce regional, socio-economic inequities in health outcomes.
  • Improve health outcomes through health and wellness promotion and access to top quality healthcare.
  • Advocate for a sufficient allocation of funds from the state and federal governments that will enable the County to carry out its authorized health care programs.

Infrastructure Key Objectives:

  • Improve the conditions of County roads and bridges.
  • Promote the use of best environmental practices for County facilities and operations.
  • Provide for adequate County facilities and infrastructure.
  • Protect water quality and provide for adequate water supply.

Public Safety Key Objectives:

  • Create and sustain a comprehensive approach to reducing violence by implementing best practices, crime prevention and justice system efficiencies.
  • Attain safe and appropriate facilities to house adult and juvenile offenders that prepare them for successful re-entry to society.

Strategic Initiatives for Fiscal Year 2012-13

Strategic Initiatives for Fiscal Year 2010-11

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