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September 14, 1971
Acquired entire 525 acres of property for Jacks Peak Park. Fifty-five original acres were donated to the County by the Sierra Club many years earlier.

September 17, 1971
Toro Park officially opened to the public.

April 22, 1974
Acquired 559 acres property for Laguna Seca from the U.S. Army under President Nixon’s “Legacy of Parks” program.

A rifle range, archery range and bicycle motocross track was constructed to go along with the automobile racetrack which had been operated by SCRAMP for many years.

December 20, 1974
Acquired San Lorenzo park property (Originally Salinas River Park).

May 11, 1976
Acquired Manzanita Park (then called the “500 acres” in the Prunedale area. After construction of an entry road, water and electrical system, development of the park by the county was curtailed due to lack of funding (Proposition 13). The North County Youth Association, a local nonprofit group, has raised nearly $200,000 in funds and has developed a sports complex in the park.

July 1, 1976
San Lorenzo Park was opened to the public.

January 14, 1977
Jacks Peak Park was opened to the public.

December 9, 1977
Earl Smith retired as Parks Director.

April 11, 1978
Peter Dangermond was hired by the Board of Supervisors as the Department’s third Director of Parks. He set the Parks Department on a direction of self-support with the development of Laguna Seca as a revenue-producing recreation area as a major goal.


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