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Jacks Peak County Park
25020 Jacks Peak Park Road, Monterey, CA 93940

Jacks Peak Park has much to offer the outdoor enthusiast. Almost 8.5 miles of horseback riding and hiking trails wind through cathedral-like forests and to breathtaking ridge top vistas. The Skyline Self-Guided Nature Trail traverses the summit of Jacks Peak and features fossils from the Miocene epoch. Brochures describing features along the trail are available at the entrance station. Visitors can also enjoy other passive activities including nature study, photography or picnics.

During high winds and storms Jack’s Peak Park will remain closed.

Hours of Operation:
January, February 10:00-5:00
March (Day Light Savings) 10:00-6:00
March (Post Day Light Savings) 10:00-6:30
April 10:00-6:30
May 10:00-6:30
June, July, August 10:00-7:00
September 10:00-6:30
October 10:00-6:00
November (Day Light Savings Time) 10:00-5:30
November (Post Day Light Savings Time) 10:00-5:00
December 10:00-5:00
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