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Classification Specification





Under general direction performs professional level work of unusual difficulty in managing and administering County public health programs; and performs related work as required.



Positions in this classification may administer a small division of the Health Department or a large program in the Family and Community Health Division in which the Public Health Program Manager also serves as Director of Public Health Nursing and is required to have a public health nursing credential.Positions in this classification are responsible for administering a variety of programs aimed at the protection and enhancement of the general health of the citizens of Monterey County in such areas as disease and injury prevention, health promotion and wellness, health education, preventive medicine, clinic services, maternal and child health, emergency medical services, and public health laboratory.In addition, the Director of Public Health Nursing provides overall administration, direction and management of public health nursing personnel activities and programs and may serve as a resource or consultant to management in matters or public health nursing.In time of disaster, the Director of Public Health Nursing would be the key person to coordinate nursing personnel as to assignments for helping in the shelters, doing public health surveillance and community work.



1.         Supervises and assists in the planning of complex and varied health services programs.


2.         Provides direction to staff covering a number of medical, technical, professional and/or administrative services.


3.         Develops and implements policies and procedures for effective operation and initiates corrective actions as needed.


4.         Initiates and monitors programs.


5.         Investigates and resolves complaints from clients, staff and the public.


6.         Coordinates internal departmental operations as well as with other County departments and outside agencies.


7.         Conducts studies and recommends adjustments in organization, staffing, systems and procedures.


8.         Develops and administers the annual budget for assigned area.


9.         Interprets health service policy objectives and operational procedures to subordinate supervisor and health unit managers.


10.     Meets with community representatives and governmental authorities to coordinate and implement public health services or programs.


11.     Recommends to the Board of Supervisors through the Director of Health the provision of services, allocation of resources and activities for action to enhance the health of the community.


12.     Encourages the development and utilization of both public/private community resources to address community health needs.


13.     Insures the visibility and accessibility within the community of Health Department services.


14.     Represents the department to community groups, the media, and with the State and Federal governments in respect to community health issues.


15.     Performs duties as necessary for the Director of Health Services related to community health or general support services.



The position that functions as Director of Public Health Nursing, pursuant to Title 17 of the California Administrative Code, must possess an active California Registered Nurse license.

All positions require a combination of education, training and/or experience which substantially demonstrates the following knowledge, skills and abilities:

Knowledge of:

  1. Health programs, functions and services.


  1. Health legislation, codes and standards pertaining to health delivery agencies.


  1. Health service administration.


  1. Legal requirements pertaining to contracts, compliance reporting and applicability of various laws pertaining to administration and management of health institutions.


  1. Community needs and resources related to public health.


  1. Contract administration and monitoring.


  1. Principles and practice of management including budgeting, program management and office practices.


  1. Principles and practices of effective supervision.



Skill to:

  1. Prepare, analyze, evaluate, draw logical conclusions from data and select alternatives and implement recommendations.


  1. Organize, motivate and utilize the communication skills to involve and solve community public health problems.


  1. Recognize and interface with community and agency representatives regarding problems and people of a sensitive and political nature.


  1. Understand, interpret and apply laws, rules, regulations relating to Community Health.


  1. Communicate effectively orally with diverse groups.


  1. Communicate effectively in writing, including skill to prepare administrative; technical and statistical reports.


  1. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with all levels of County employees, public officials and members of the public.



The knowledge and skills listed above may be acquired through various types of education, training or experience.Typical ways to acquire the required knowledge and skills are as follows:


Bachelorís degree in a health care field and a masterís degree in Public Health, Health Care Administration, Public Administration, Business Administration or directly related field.

- and -


Four years of progressively responsible professional public health experience, two years of which include experience in a supervisory or administrative capacity.



Possession of a valid California Class C driverís license.



Class Code:††††† ††††† 14C48†††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† ††††† Bargaining Unit:†††† X

Established:††††† ††††† December 1988††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† ††††† EEO Category:†† 0A

Revised:†††††††††† ††††† February 2001††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††† ††††† Work Group:††††††† 01


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