Under direction, serves as the primary resource person for users of specialized automated systems and is responsible for maintenance and administration of an automated database; authorizes system access to individual users; investigates and reports basic computer problems to the computer system maintenance organization; requests improvements and modifications to systems; provides training and instructions to departmental personnel using the system and performs other related work as is required.



This series specification describes the two levels of Departmental Information System Coordinator classification.These positions are responsible for providing departmental coordination in automated systems and typically work under the supervision of a departmental manager or a Supervising Information System Coordinator to provide in-house expertise on the applications used on specialized automated systems in operating departments.


The positions in this series perform professional assignments necessary to administer and maintain an operating departmentís utilization of a specialized automated system and use of computer applications.Some positions may be required to apply extensive knowledge of departmental structure and operations and specialized automated systems unique to the department or may be expected to develop an in-depth understanding of the functions, regulations, services and role of the department to which assigned.


Positions are allocated within this series based on nature, scope and complexity of duties and responsibilities, and level of independence and accountability.Positions may have responsibility for one or for multiple systems areas, depending on assignment.


Departmental Information System Coordinator

Under general supervision, provides support, training and instructions related to the use of computer applications to department staff.


Senior Departmental System Coordinator Specialist

Under general supervision, is the lead/complex level and has responsibility for providing specialized applications support services for staff, training, assignment and review of work of subordinate staff.


This series is distinguished from the Monterey County Information Systems Division Programmer Analyst, and Information Systems Support Technician class series which provide technical systems support on a county-wide basis, whereas positions assigned to this series focus applications support of departmental automated systems.



1.      Acts as a resources person for users of a automated system(s) applications; Answers questions and resolves problems related to use and operation of the application; Coordinates a central help desk to resolve problems


2.      Coordinates with computer support personnel in identifying and resolving problems with the system, including programs, workstations and other related hardware and software.


3.      Confers with operating department personnel regarding changes in manual and computer system design; Collaborates with others to improve the effectiveness of the system and to make recommendations for systems and procedures improvements; Stays abreast of the new automated systems procedures, and prepares on-line bulletins to inform users of changes or additions.


4.      Documents and tracks system problems and writes reports on issues; Writes or assists in writing and revising procedures, instructional materials or staff development tools for systems-related training.


5.      Develops other system training material for users, or recommends other training resources as needed.


6.      May attend meetings and represent the department with other departments and/or other agencies for information sharing, system improvements and implementation of changes; May. plan or assist in planning the implementation of conversion from manual systems to automated information systems


7.      Assures system security; Monitors personnel registration and security including authorizing user access to system functionality; Performs consistent backup and recovery operations; Monitor batch results and correct batch problems


8.      Serves as a leadworker over subordinate staff; schedules, assigns and reviews the work of subordinate staff



A combination of education, experience and/or training which substantially demonstrates the following knowledge, skills and abilities:







Knowledges and skills:


Departmental Information Systems Coordinator

Working knowledge of:

1.      Capability and limitations of various computer operating systems including DOS, Windows and networks

2.      Computer applications used in data management

3.      Terminology related to computer hardware, software, network and peripheral equipment

4.      Analytical processes

5.      Some positions may require a working knowledge of the functions, regulations, services, programs and operations of the specific department

Some knowledge of:

1.      Training methods and techniques of automation systems applications

2.      Methods of error research and troubleshooting

3.      Some positions may require some knowledge of specialized automated systems and general application unique to the operating department from a user perspective.


Senior Departmental Information System Coordinator

In addition to above knowledges, the incumbent must have the following:

A working knowledge of all of the above.

Departmental Information System Coordinator

Ability to:

1.      Evaluate and interpret automated information systems functions from a user perspective

2.      Identify, evaluate, and research application systems problems and coordinate corrective actions, as required, with computer support personnel.

3.      Gather information and analyze data to establish and maintain system user protocol.

4.      Make recommendations for system and operational enhancements.

5.      Read and comprehend written materials on a wide variety of application system subjects.

6.      Maintain confidentiality of information in accordance with legal standards and/or County regulations

7.      Organize, prioritize, schedule and coordinate work flow to meet project deadlines.

8.      Communicate effectively with all levels of staff in the organization both orally and in writing.

9.      Provide excellent and courteous customer service and establish and maintain effective working relationships.

Senior Departmental Information System Coordinator

In addition to above abilities, the incumbent must have the following:

Ability to:

1.      Utilize effective judgment regarding establishment and maintenance of application system features such as registration, user profiles, system access security, e-mail administration, and appointment schedule templates.

2.      Plan, assign and coordinate the work of subordinate staff


The knowledges, skills and abilities listed above may be acquired through various types of experience, education or training, typically:

Senior Departmental Information Systems Coordinator

Two years of experience performing both technical support and training in the use of a wide variety of computer hardware and software for automated office systems which included modifying or interfacing office automation software or application environments.

Departmental Information Systems Coordinator

One year of experience performing both technical support and training in the use of a wide variety of computer hardware and software for automated office systems which included modifying or interfacing office automation software or application environments.


The physical and sensory abilities required for this classification include:

1.      Ability to lift and carry items up to 20 pounds.

2.      Ability to stoop, reach and bend to access files.






Departmental Information Systems Coordinator

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December, l997

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Senior departmental Information Systems Coordinator

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December, 1997

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