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Ergonomic Evaluation Services

Ergonomics Purchase Program Vendors: 

2009 Ergonomics Training Calendar and Announcements


   Text Box: If you are unable to attend our "live" classroom training, you may participate by logging onto the programs below through Target Safety. To get credit for the class, you must complete the online training and email/scan/fax or IO mail your certificate of completion to the Ergonomics Manager. Take the classes that are most applicable to your job.
Target Safety Web link: 
General Office Ergonomics     Back Injury Prevention          Industrial Ergonomics





Employee Safe Work Practices and Self-Care Information

Level I Ergonomics Evaluator Program  

     Level I Evaluator Training and In-service Calendar (2010)

  Level I Evaluator Tools:

 Other Ergonomic Services

  About Alison Heller-Ono, Ergonomics Manager

Ergonomics Studies by  Alison Heller-Ono

1. An Assessment Methodology for Ergonomic Chair Quality and Competency in the Workplace (PREMUS 2010 submission)

2. Successful Outcomes of Developing an Ergonomics Process (1994-2000)

3. Preventive Ergonomics Strategies Result in Return on Investment (2001-2006)

4. 21st Century Ergonomics: A Lean Approach to Ergonomics Process Design and Management (2009 HFES submission, 2008 study. Reprinted with permission of HFES)

5. Early Prevention Followed by Ergonomic Interventions Results in Significant Financial Benefit to Organizations (PREMUS 2010 submission, 2009 study)




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