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Injury and Illness Prevention Program

Injury and Illness Prevention Plan

Documents and Policies

Government Center Evacuation and Emergency Action Plan

Floor Coordinator Procedures

Safety Training and Resources

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Bomb/Terrorist Threat Evacuation Procedures IIPP 10.5 

bullet Driver Safety Guidelines
bullet Electrical Safety Guidelines
bullet Employee Report of Hazardous Condition or Near Miss
bullet Job Safety Analysis - Template
bullet IIPP Safety Guidelines:  Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Overview

Mail Handling Guidelines - Suspicious Letter or Parcel IIPP-10.6

bullet Personal Electrical Devices Liability
bullet Pesticide Use and Chemical Exposure Prevention Guidelines
bullet Portable Fire Extinguisher Guidelines
bullet Procedures to Follow in the Event of a Fire IIPP 10.1
bullet Procedures to Follow in the Event of an Earthquake IIPP 10.2
bullet Procedures to Follow in the Event of a Medical Emergency IIPP 10.3
bullet Procedures to Follow in the Event of a Power Outage IIPP 10.4
bullet Safety & Loss Control - Incident Investigation Report Form
bullet Monterey County Safety Boot Program 23.0
bullet Safety Bulletin:  Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls
bullet Use of Space Heaters - County Occupancies
bullet Vehicle Use Policy

Workplace Violence Policy


Workplace Violence Policy - Employee Policy Acknowledgement Form


Workplace Violence Policy - Incident Report Form


Workplace Violence Prevention Guidelines for Managers and Supervisors

bullet Work Place Violence Incident Investigation Follow up Report
bullet Drug and Alcohol - Transportation (DOT) Policy
bullet APPENDIX 2 - New Hire Release of Information Form
bullet APPENDIX 3 - Training Verification
bullet APPENDIX 4 - Policy Acknowledgement Form
bullet  APPENDIX 5 - DOT FORM 3-NHDT - Consent Form
bullet Employee_handbook_200801
  Vehicle Accident Review Procedures
  bulletSupervisor VAR Checklist
  bulletProcedures/Form VAR96: Department Evaluation of Vehicle Accident
  bulletVehicle and Property Damage Incident Report

Helpful Safety Links

Health Promotion Partnership

bullet On-Line Crime Prevention Tips



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