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Ergonomics Policy Ergonomic Eval Request Approved Ergo Vendors
Employee Safe Work Practices Chair Fittings and Standards Keyboard & Mouse Trial Program

Ergonomics Manager        Level I Evaluators          Ergo Training and Registration

Chair Adjustment Instructions      Ergonomic Accessory Instructions   

Ergonomic Evaluation Services:

Ergonomics Process Vendors: 

   Live Training Alternatives:

If you are unable to attend our "live" classroom training, you may participate by logging onto the programs below through Target Safety. To get credit for the class, you must complete the online training and email/scan/fax or IO mail your certificate of completion to the Ergonomics Manager. Take the classes that are most applicable to your job.

Target Safety Web link:

General Office Ergonomics     Back Injury Prevention          Industrial Ergonomics


Employee Safe Work Practices and Self-Care Information

  For Computer Users:

     RSI Guard Stretch Break Program Information:

  For Material Handling and Lifting:

  For General Information:


Pick your chair from the image below for instructions.

Click the chair for video instructions.

Leap Chair Amia Discovery Back Collection YES Mesh Back Collection OM5-B (Modern Black)
Steelcase Criterion Steelcase Leap Steelcase Amia Office Master DB53 (57) Office Master YS72 Office Master


Office Master OM5

Generation by Knoll

SomaComfort SC-MCw

MX84IU 4235 feature_image_1
Ergo Human Knoll Generation Soma

Office Master MXIU84

RFM Ray Herman Miller Mirra Global G20 (coming soon)

Click the chair name above for PDF version instructions of each chair



If you are using a chair that has a cylinder that goes down involuntarily or no longer holds at the desired position for you, report that IMMEDIATELY to your Supervisor and your Facilities Manager. If the chair has other mechanical failures or appears to be broken, remove immediately and contact your Supervisor and Facilities Manager.



Click this side for PDF or video instructions

Rollermouse Pro 2

Rollermouse Free
Rollermouse: RED
Kinesis Freestyle keyboard and accessories


VIP Lift Kit

Freestyle Solo

Video instruction link for Freestyle Solo

Video instruction link for VIP lift kit


Goldtouch Keyboard Click here to view larger image
Evoluent Mouse
DXT Mouse

video demonstration:  

DXT Precision Mouse
Penguin Mouse

Penguin sizing guide

Other Ergonomic Services

  • Ergonomic Chair Fitting And Standards Program: The chair fitting program is currently on hold until further notice as of March 2014.  Please see the Chair Standards Program and chair options above.
  • Facility Planning with Ergonomics: If you are planning a move or want to buy new furniture, contact the Ergonomics Manager to assist you with including ergonomics in the planning process.
  • Keyboard and Mouse Trial Program: The County of Monterey Ergonomics Process offers a variety of alternative keyboard and pointing devices on loan for trial. Other common types of ergo equipment may also be available on recommendation. If you experience discomfort while using your standard devices, request an Ergonomic Evaluation to better understand how to use these devices or determine if alternative devices are more appropriate. You must have a recommendation from an Ergonomist  to change your devices in most cases. The device is loaned to you for trial for 2-4 weeks to assess its benefits prior to purchase.

Level I Ergonomics Evaluator Program       

A Level I evaluator is an employee who has been selected or has volunteered to assist fellow employees by conducting basic ergonomic analysis. The Level I evaluator assists coworkers with proper equipment set up and use of essential equipment at their computer workstation, provides education on safe work practices and makes reasonable recommendations that will reduce risk, improve comfort and productivity for employees. Level I evaluators’ work with non-symptomatic, non-injured employees in this process.

  Level I Evaluator Tools: